Full Home Deep Cleaning :

  • Complete Deep cleaning of all areas of the house including Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom Balcony.
  • Deep Cleaning cleaning of curtains, sofa set chairs using professional grade cleaning solution, cleaning equipment vacuum cleaners professionals cleaning staff.

Kitchen Cleaning:

  • Deep Cleaning of external surfaces, cabinets appliance exteriors, removal of grease oil stains.

Bathroom Cleaning:

  • Deep cleaning of floor, wc seat, sink, fittings walls.

Living Room,Dining Room Bedroom Deep Cleaning:

  • Deep cleaning of floor, windows, furniture light fittings.

Balcony Deep Cleaning :

  • Deep cleaning floor,grill work windows.

Sofa Furnishing Cleaning:

  • Dry / Wet vacuum cleaning of sofa, carpets, curtains.

Other Areas:

  • Cleaning of doors, cupboards, hles wardrobe exteriors.
  • Cleaning of fans, lights, windows, railings, cabinets switchboards.

Cleaning Solutions Used:

  • Professional grade cleaning solutions Diversey & Others .

Equipment Used:

  • Vacuum  Cleaner , Scotch Brite Scrubber, Small wipers,Buckets, Mugs,Toilet Brush, Disposable Bags Hard Cloths Duster, Microfiber Duster,Single  Disk Machine.


  • Water & Electricity will be provided Customer
  • Areas outside the home are not included.These will be charged at INR 5/sq.ft.

# company will provide the  Materials


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